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I am contemplating purchasing an expensive designer dress made of acetate to wear for my daughters wedding. It is an outdoor wedding in June and I will have small grandchildren in attendance. I was told by the saleslady it would not withstand water stains and even dry-cleaning would not remove damage. I am worried about the possibility of rain and of course damp sticky stains from little ones. I am not familiar with this fabric. Would I be looking at a one time only wear if it got rain drops or unfortunate spills ? Also what about perspiration stains? thanks for your advice. Nancy

Hi Nancy,
yes, you are right, acetate fabric will water-spot and it can’t be easily cleaned, especially if it is acetate taffeta (which is my guess, a shiny, semi-stiff dressy fabric). But if you absolutely love it and are willing to risk it to be a one-time wearing, it will be perfect! If not, keep looking. A better alternative might be a dress with a lace overlay, a darker color, or maybe silk chiffon. Ask all your friends about this challenge as you contemplate dresses. the bottom line, however, is what you feel the most gorgeous in!!
wedding blessings,


is not a strong fiber but can be extruded into fibers of different diameter and woven into fabrics that have the luxurious look of silk but do not wear like silk. Acetate fabric does not absorb moisture readily but dries fast and resists shrinking. Acetate fabric is a resilient fabric that resists wrinkling in addition to being pliable and soft with a good drape. Triacetate fabric is an improved acetate fabric which doesn’t melt as easy and is easier to care for. Remember, acetate in nail polish and nail polish remover will melt acetate fabric as will alcohol so take care with perfumes and nail products including SuperGlue.

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