Acid Dyeing Nylon

I bought this nylon slip for like 2 bucks. So though I’m pretty sure it’s nylon, I’m not 100% positive. However, it does have some lacey stuff on it as well. I’d like to dye it some shade of blue (at the moment it is white). Need it for an affair next week. Any suggestions?

You are in luck, I have been dyeing nylon lately.
1. Get the desired shade of dye from the acid dyes at www.dharmatrading.com.
2. Dye in washer according to their instructions. The only other thing you need is white vinegar. The color does not truly appear until you add the vinegar and agitate for a few minutes. Super easy and beautiful!! Caveat, if it’s polyester and not nylon, it won’t dye. have fun,

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