Acid Dyeing

I have a cashmere sweater (dry clean only) that I want to dye. I am not sure what kind of dye to use, where to buy it, and what method to use to dye it. Can you provide me with any helpful information? I appreciate it. Thanks, Heidi

I don’t have a lot of experience dyeing wool or cashmere, but here’s what I know. The acid dyes are best for these fibers, and they require very hot water. I can use the acid dyes with hot water in my washing machine – the hot is hot enough. The alternative method is on the stove top with simmering water. Keep in mind that your sweater may shrink with all this HOT water.
Acid dyes are available at www.dharmatrading.com. They include the full instructions.
Remember, you will be adding color, so the sweater must be a light color if you want to add color to it.

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