Adding Color To Jeans

I just got a brand new pair of levis that are a little plain for my taste…they are a normal pair of 501’s in the standard “blue” color. Is there a way to dye these to maintain the blue hue while perhaps adding another accent color to the white threads in the jeans, maybe with a reddish or brownish tint?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Jeff,
Well, here’s what you need to know about denim. It is white or natural colored threads in one direction and blue in the other. So, if you over dye, the white part will take the new dye color, and the blue will have the new color added to it. It’s not possible to dye just the stitching threads. But you can make some interesting effects with over dyeing. Remember, all dyeing is an experiment, and if you are willing to experiment, you may get something more spicy than what you have now! I suggest the reactive dyes from www.dharmatrading.com. You will also need soda ash and ordinary table salt.
have fun,

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