Algodon Cotton And Silk Dupioni On A Quilt

Dear Jennifer:
I want to make a quilt form my daughters wedding using Algodon cotton because of it’s softness and sheen. I would like to use Silk Dupioni in some appliqué on the quilt. Will there be a problem in cleaning the quilt with these two fabrics. What would method would you recommend to clean it?

If you wash all the fabrics before you start, you will be able to wash the quilt. Silk dupioni will change a bit in texture and it will remain gorgeous, too. If you have any questions about it, then overcast the edges by some easy method and wash a swatch. If you don’t wash all the fabrics before you begin, and you wash the finished quilt, then you risk irregular shrinkage of the quilt fabrics. I personally try not to dry clean much of anything, but of course this is an option if you want to skip the washing and testing steps.
sounds lovely!

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