All Polyesters Are Not Created Equal

Although it seems like polyester has been around for centuries this manufactured fiber was developed in the early 1940’s and since its introduction it has become very popular due to its versatility and low production cost.  Originally shaped like a rod, this diverse fiber can be extruded to form many cross sectional shapes from the rod to octagonal to trilobal.  The trilobal shape resembles a 3 point star which results in a stronger fiber and also has more surfaces to reflect light.


The trilobal polyester fiber has become increasingly popular in sewing and machine embroidery thread because of the light reflection or sparkle and strength.


When this trilobal polyester is woven into fabric the result is a fabric with high sheen and strength.  Our Mistique (Lamour) Satin is trilobal polyester.


For microscopic photos of trilobal polyester and other fibers and weaves here is a link to a class in “Fibers as Trace Evidence” from the Staples High School Crime Lab, Westport, CT


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