Altering The Size Of A Jeresy

I was playing ice hockey for a time an ordered my jerseys to fit over the equipment which depending on size typically took me from a regular everyday normal size of Large in shirts to wearing a XXL in the jersey. Now that I’m not playing do you have some suggestions on how I can have these jerseys altered down so that when I wear them they don’t look like a dress on me? These jerseys have pro hockey logos on the front and on several of them there are numbers with a nameplate The material is Air-knit cotton poly. I’m looking to take them up, in and shorten the sleeves. Please help. I love my jerseys and I don’t want to sell them. Thank You in advance for your assistance in the matter
With appreciation,

Dear Galen: Bring them to a local tailor and have them sized to fit. It may be less expensive however, to offer them to a friend and buy some new ones. Good Luck, Andy

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