Amount Of Dye To Use

Dear Jennifer,
I loved reading your “Dyeing 101”! How much dye do I need to dye two king size sheets? I’ve searched on the Dharma website for some kind of chart telling me how much dye to purchase, but I can’t seem to find any guidance.
Thanks for your time and consideration!
Warmest regards,

Dear Sam,
Dharma webpage with the info:
Okay now apart from that, I think the smallest size of dye (2oz) will do for what you want, unless you are going for a color that Dharma specifies as requiring twice as much as usual. If you can get the two sheets in your washer easily, with at least some room to spare, then you can dye them in one load. If not, then measure the amount of dye (starting with 1 tablespoon per load, add dye as necessary) that you use in the first load so you can come close with the 2nd.
Write back if you have questions!!

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