Any hope for a dry-clean only jacket that has been washed?

Hello, I bought a lovely vintage jacket (65% wool, 30% polyester 5% other), which is perfect at the front, but has persistent ‘crinkling’ of the fabric of the back and sleeves. A friend insists that the jacket has been washed, even though the label advises against this and that I should use spray-starch before ironing. I’m not sure about this diagnosis, as would have expected the whole garment to have been affected by washing, and I’m reluctant to start spraying it with anything until I know what I’m doing. I tried straightforward ironing – which made no difference! – and wonder if it would be ok to try steam-ironing, or whether that would just make things worse. If this problem sounds familiar to you, would be grateful for your advice! Thanks.

By: Sarah F

2 Responses to “Any hope for a dry-clean only jacket that has been washed?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Try steaming the jacket first, if the wrinkles don’t come out try steaming with a damp press cloth. Be sure and hang the jacket up and let it dry after steaming.

    Spraying starch on the jacket probably won’t help at all, especially on wool/poly blend. I only use starch occasionally on the collars of cotton shirts or blouses.

    Let us know how the steaming of your jacket works for you please.


  2. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’d agree with Judith, try the steaming first. Might be the easiest fix but if it still persists it might be that the jacket was washed (dry cleaning isn’t actually a dry process) and what has transpired is that the lining itself has shrunk in certain area’s and is pulling the outer fabric funny. Without seeing the garment in person it is difficult to diagnose the problem but there is hope that is is fixable.
    Hope that helps