Applying Tea and Coffee Stains On Polyester

Please help, I am having a medieval wedding, coming in on a horse, torches for lighting, ext. I want my dress to look old and maybe even a little dirty. A dark ivory color. I have heard about tea and coffee dying, What do you think? The dress is made of polyester and is bright white and very inexpensive. The dye does not need to last. Thanks.

Hi Kelly,
I suggest you use fabric paint for this. Check out all the kinds they offer at www.dharmatrading.com. You can’t use dye or tea, it won’t stick at all to the polyester. You can mix a beige or ivory in fabric paint and apply it strategically.
Wedding sounds great! Have fun and be glamorous!
many blessings,

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  1. Applying Tea & Coffee Stains On Polyester http://bit.ly/pHGZHL #dye #polyester

  2. Kirsten says:

    OK,  so I have never dyed polyester before until yesterday.  I am remaking some old wedding dresses into other things for a fashion show and needed to change the color.  I figured if Jacquard Acid Dyes work on Nylon they should work on polyester too.  It DID!  Now instead of a white wedding gown I have a teal one.  Cool huh?  The Jacquard Acid Dyes come in all sorts of colors. I found mine at a local fabric store that specializes in good fabric, silk, velvet, beautiful trims, hard to find stuff and this is what they carry and can special order the colors I need in the future.  Check online for your local re-seller or see what Fabrics.net can get a-hold of for you.

    P.S. was the easiest dye job I have ever done. In the machine, set it and forget it till its done.