Apps for my app.

You all know I am a gadget girl right?  Couple of cool things for you to look into.  Ipod touch gets a couple of applications that are for the home sewer.  A few of them are really good.  I have about four, Fabric Stash, Pattern Pall, Fabric Journal, and cloth care.  Fabric stash is good because you can keep track of your fabrics, notions and projects and is free.  Pattern Pall is better.  You can organize all your patterns.  Keeping track of what you have so you don’t get a copy of ones you already have is great.  Plus there is room for notes on ones you have used and changes you have made to them.  The downside to both of these is you have to load everything manually but once it’s there, it’s there.  I like fabric journal because I can keep pictures of all my projects and the status of each, if it’s complete or not.  There is a lot of room for notations on what materials I have used and what I could use next time I make that particular garment.  It’s a pretty flexible program in that it doesn’t need to be a garment, could be other sewing project and still fit the criteria.  Cloth care is a free app that is just a good idea to have.  It has every conceivable identification that you could possibly come across in your clothing labels for caring for them.  From different kinds of irons to which symbols mean bleach or no bleach.  Unfortunately the android market has not caught up yet with these applications and there are only a few apps available that are mostly for fashion bugs and very beginner sewers.  However the tech age is very fast growing so I expect to see some new developments very soon.

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