Are There Information Wed Sites On Manufacturing Companys?

Hello Andy,
I enjoyed your Q&A section on Fabrics.net, and I was wondering if you might be able to help me with information. I am a printer and recently started a small manufacturing company for high-end wall coverings. We are printing relief and intaglio, not silk-screening. We are wanting to expand to textiles this fall and I am trying to learn as much about the industry as possible. Do you know of a good site with detailed information about the differences in cost and problems/benefits of screening yardage verses digitally printing yardage. I am also interested in learning about outsourcing manufacturing. I have no idea what this will cost me because it’s unclear to me what a reasonable minimum order would be for this kind of undertaking. What will most mills accept? Also, we are interested in wholesaling products to retails stores such as bedding, so we are looking into outsourcing assembly as well.
Any direction you could point me in would be greatly appreciated. I studied fine art and printmaking, and I don’t have any education in textile manufacturing.
Thank You,

Dear Kelly: Before figuring out how to print on textiles, I think you should identify your market first. If you want to print on textiles for the home furnishings industry, visit the upcoming Showtime show in High Point, North Carolina, July 10-13.(www.itma-showtime.com). There you will find dozens of textile companies with printed fabrics for home furnishings. Go there and ask the companies where they have their fabrics printed. Find out if they would be interested in you printing for them. Ask if they would sell you fabric prepared for printing (PFP). Walk the show slowly and ask a lot of questions. Sooner or later, it will all come together for you. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. Good Luck, Andy

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