Around the World One Fabric Store At A Time!

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Although I prefer to shop online for anything and everything, I thought a tour of fabric stores might be fun.

Translating fabric terms may be an added challenge when visiting online fabric shops around the world as Sewaholic discovered:  I say muslin, you say toile… | Sewaholic

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I went to a local fabric store to ask for some muslin and sure enough, what they showed me was a light weight, gauzy kind of cloth. After some discussion I learn’t that “muslin” in the US is more like NZ/Australian calico, so now

There are countries where finding local fabric stores isn’t easy!    Stoffmarkt Holland in Frankfurt: a Fabric Market in Germany

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2) There really aren’t any good shops in Germany to buy fabric. You can find some things in Karstadt department stores “if you’re lucky”, but it’s not likely. Plan on buying your fabric online unless you come to the fabric markt.


And now on to Switzerland and SewChic’s experience:  SewChic: Fabric Stores in Switzerland

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I am back! My 3 week visit to Switzerland was oh-so-wonderful, but it’s good to be home! I found several fabric stores in Switzerland, but truthfully, I could not afford to buy much. (Along with the Alps, prices are STEEP in

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Online shopping is so convenient but the instant gratification of touching and feeling the fabric doesn’t happen.  Most online fabric stores have swatching services but that takes time.  I used to LOVE spending time in fabric stores, dreaming and designing.  Sertyan goes into more detail:

Sertyan’s Sewing Corner: Spotlight & Lincraft, Australia

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I finally get to touch and feel fabrics like gabardine and crepe for myself as Malaysian stores do not label the fabrics properly so it’s all guesswork on the fiber content of the fabrics. Spotlight was having a 3 day Big Brand Sale

If you have a favorite fabric store that has an online store too, please send me the web site.




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