Arts and Crafts for Traveling With Kids

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No tools needed, just yarn and fingers!

FUN FRIDAYS – Finger Knitting with Kids – O’Boy! Organic

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It’s another FUN FRIDAY! Finger Knitting is something you can do at any point during the year. It promotes creativity, self confidence and giving to others. What interesting and creative activities do you have to keep kids busy

Activities and crafts to pack for an airplane adventure with kids:

Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner: Traveling with Creative Kids: 10

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Traveling with Creative Kids: 10 Things to Pack in Your Child’s Carry-On (Preschool Age). It has been five years since we last took a family vacation with just the five of us where we had to fly on an airplane. We decided it was

I remember driving up the Oregon and Washington coasts with three kids and stopping for lunch to eat clam chowder and collect the best chowder recipes.  When we went clamming on the beach out of Port Angeles, WA we just ate the clams with butter, no need to wait to make chowder!

Crafts the kids can do in the car | Baby Budgeting

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If classic travel games aren’t their thing, we’ve got some top tips for creative kids and car travel. Izzy from PassSmart has put some of these tips into practice with her own family, and explains here that the in-car craft ideas

Weaving is simple after understanding the very basic concept.  Kids can weave using a Peg Loom available at most craft stores.  These looms come in round designs or straight line designs. This three year old shows us how to weave strips of fabric:

Crafting with Amelie (aged 3). Peg Loom weaving.

Amelie aged 3, tells you all you need to know about weaving with a peg loom! You won’t, but if you do want more we sell a peg loom kit with instructions at w…


This was a fun blog to research!  My Mom used to teach 4H Knitting and I am sure she would have enjoyed teaching finger knitting.  I am going to teach this to my grandkids. 





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