As Smooth As Melton

Melton – A thick to medium thick tightly woven wool with heavily brushed nap giving the fabric a smooth finish with no warp or weft yarns visible. Wool Melton is used for jackets, coats and blankets. Weight approx. 1 1/2 lbs per yard.

Judith Gridley made each of these pieces:

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This men’s windbreaker style jacket is made with 100% wool melton and is fully lined.

Fabrics.net Featured Articles Melton Men's Jacket

Sporting a ‘Jessie the Cowgirl’ look, this outfit is made with 100% wool melton and UltrasuedeTM. The jacket is a denim style with patch pockets, the skirt is an a-line pattern and made from UltrasuedeTM.

Fabrics.net Fetaured Articles Melton Girl's Outfit

Wool Flannel a medium weight wool with slightly brushed napped finish. Weight 10 – 12 oz per yard.

Wool Broadcloth is a smooth woolen twill fabric that is napped to hide the warp and weft. Weight approx. 16 oz per yard. Used for jackets, men’s formal evening suits, women’s suits and evening coats.

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