Athletic Fabric

Hi Andy,
We have a little project and need some fabric that is around 70% wool – merino if possible and about 25-30% lycra. We want to make some stretch fabrics for sport – in this case a warm rowing suit that is body hugging so it does not get in the way but with intrinsic warmth for cold winter mornings. The stretch should be in several directions so it allows maximum movement without restriction. Are you able to tell which mills or makers are likely to have this? The wool mills do not mix that much spandex or lycra and the lycra mills say they cant mix the wool to that amount.

Dear Susan: The problem is that you need a small amount of fabric. Usually, these types of fabrics can be custom made, to your specs, but you may need to buy thousands of yards. Or, if the mill is willing to do a run of 100 yards, you still pay as if you were doing thousands of yards. Look for a small knitting mill. You might find a lead at www.ifai.com, the Industrial Fabric Association web site. Also visit www.davisonpublishing.com, where you can search out the Davidson’s Blue Book of Textile Mills.
Good Luck,

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