Baby Wool Blanketing

Dear Andy,
I’m looking for a baby wool blanketing, Doctors Flannel manufacturer/ wholesaler in order to import these materials to Poland.
Could you give a hint how to find them?
Thank You,

Dear Dagmara: What we found when we searched is that Doctor’s Flannel is merely a light weight flannel. Some folks refer to this as Cashmere Cotton. We did find a source here in the US. Try calling Spechler/ Vogel in New York City at 212-564-6177. Good Luck, Andy

One Response to “Baby Wool Blanketing”

  1. Ann says:

    We are looking to buy a roll of blanketing to make curtains for a grade 1 listed building – any ideas who might stock this?

    Ann Radnor
    Brinsop Court EstateĀ