Bad NANA – Teddy Bear Dyed Help!

I washed a baby blanket that my grandson came hom from the hospital in. It is white plush and I washed it with the whites and BLEACH. The blanket has an edge around it with colored shapes. In the corner WAS as brown monkey. Now, he is green of color. The monkey tail and thick outer edge is stitching like applica feel. The monkey’s face is plush tan. The monkey’s eyes, mouth and nose are sienna now, and I think they too were dark brown and stitching also. Can he be dyed back to brown or do I need to plan on sleeping in the “dog house” forever?……I feel super sad and my daughter is mad.

By: Carrie

One Response to “Bad NANA – Teddy Bear Dyed Help!”

  1. DizzyLettuce says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I don’t think there is much you can do, sad to say. If you wan to try over-painting the monkey with fabric paint, you can find a good selection at Joann. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens sometimes.