Bag/Hat Manufacturing

Hello Andy, I would be interested in finding out more about fabric backing for diaper bag manufacturing. We are trying to back nice fabric such as velvet and use this fabric to make bags. We are not familiar with the process and have recently heard about it. Up to now, we have used regular batting and one manufacturer did not even include that in the sample made. Do you know of any companies that would do this in the Los Angeles/Orange County areas? Would you know who we may contact to find referrals for bag/hat manufacturing? I would very much appreciate your help. Thank You! Gabriela Drosu

Dear Gabriela: Visit www.seams.org for a listing of sewing contractors around the USA. A good contractor, should have experience sewing diaper bags, and have the contacts you need. You may have to go out of your area to find the best sewing contractor for your needs. Good Luck, Andy

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