Bean Bag Cover

Hello Jennifer,
I am trying to change the color of a fabric bean bag cover, which is Bright Red. I used four boxes of Rit Dye Color Remover with no change. I bleached it too and the only difference is it is Dark Red Orange. I would like to dye it fuchsia, however the cover is to dark of a color for it to come out fuchsia. So, I am wondering if there is a such thing as white dye. Any suggestions would be wonderful.
Thank you so much,

You have tried it all. If the fabric is polyester, it will not “discharge” or even bleach very well. There is no white dye. Since dyeing is a water-based process, it basically combines the colors that you have there. Get a new pillow cover. If you can’t find the color you have in mind, get some white or natural cotton duck from one of the fabrics.net suppliers and then you can dye it fuchsia and have it made into the covers you want.

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