Best Bag Lining Materials?


I have started making bags and I am looking for the best materials that could be used for lining the bags’ interiors. I need something tough that can fit the multi-purpose role of some bags. It should be tough and of beautiful/attractive patterns.

In addition, if I can get someone who could help print custom letters e.g. the fashion label name, it will be helpful

By: Barrack Obaga Mokua

One Response to “Best Bag Lining Materials?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    For heavy duty bags I tend to like twill materials.  Or solid weaves.  Old fashioned carpet bags had silk or satin linings but they tend to wear out pretty soon what with all the stuff thrown in them.  You can find a variety of very stylish modern prints in upholstery grade cotton twills and solid weaves.  As for printing your own labels, there are a number of label makers in magazines and online who can do this.  Threads magazine has at least three or four different adds for label making companies and there are tons more online.  Discounts can be found when you order them in bulk.  However if you want something a little more on the home made side, check your local farmers market or art forum and see who is doing hand painting or print making.  There’s always someone.  You may be able to stike a deal with them.  Don’t be afraid to chat with people.  Good luck.