Best cotton /fabric for expensive dress shirt

Hello, my name is Henry and I’m searching for the very best fabric to make expensive  men’s / womens dress shirts.  I’m starting a clothing line and have been challeged to design and make a “high-end ” dress shirt.  I know cotten is the normal material, but they have so many types.  So could you please assist me with this search…Thank you. 

By: Henry Hammond Jr

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Henry,
    your probably going to have to do some foot work. Go to some of the higher end markets. Mens suiting companys and such, and look at the fiber content. I have found that one of the nicest is a rayon cotton blend with a touch of lycra but some people don’t like the blending of rayon in their dress shirts. Some folks prefer the poly cotton blends because they wrinkle less. This is where research and development come in. Your probably going to have to do a couple of sample garments and do a poling of your target market. Good luck.