Best dye for heavy canvas?

Hi, I have two viking re enacting tents that are made from non waterproofed of white heavy canvas that I want dyed red. I have been told that I will get better results from dying with ink and I have not even heard of that before. I have a cast iron bath tub over a fire pit I am willing to risk getting stained.

They are very large and I want to ensure an even and lasting colour.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can achieve this please.

Thanks in advance :-)


One Response to “Best dye for heavy canvas?”

  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hi Belinda,
    You can try the cast iron tub, but I garaunty your not going to get an even dye. I think the best way your going to get a good coating is to paint it with ink like your friends suggested. Even then the ink can go on funny and you still might get a bit of an uneven look. That’s ok because reinacting tents and clothes look more realistic with a little uneveness. However another thing you can try is an extra large sized washer and tripple the amount of dye and setting solution. The only problem with that is finding an extra large washer. I’d look into purchasing large quantities of fabric paint. Set up the tent and hand paint it. Fabric spray paint is now made and you can get it from Joannes but your going to need a lot. Hope that helps.