Best Fabric for a Specialized Blanket

I want to design a “toe blanket”‘ whereby the toes are not pressed down by the blanket when the person is on his/her back. This would require a portion of the blanket to be made of a stiffer material that will keep the blanket off of the toes. When the person first gets under the blanket, they will push the specialized material up with their toes to create a space for them. Could you recommend a material that would be stiff enough to allow the toes space under the blanket and yet be able to collapse when the blanket is not being used? Thank you for whatever information you can provide me.

By: Keith M Capp

One Response to “Best Fabric for a Specialized Blanket”

  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hi Kieth,

    This is an interesting project. I think I would utilize a multi-layered approach to this. Canvas with a corded spine in the structure is a possible solution to the idea or even a covered cordura end structure near the toes. Everything would still be washable and foldable just stiff and possibly very warm as cordura would trap a lot of heat.

    hope that helps.