Best material for baby swaddle blanket – muslin?

We’re looking for the best fabric to use to make a baby swaddle blanket and were not sure what options were available.

It seems like within the last few years a lot of people have started using muslin swaddle blankets vs. the traditional cotton flannel.  They seem to be more breathable and lightweight.

However, I found that this material is very “lint” prone which I cannot imagine is good for the breathing of a newborn.

Is there a better material out there or a preferred type of muslin?

Sorry but I’m not much of an expert on fabrics so I’m on a quick crash course trying to figure out what to use!


A caring Dad

By: tsakaguchi@pearhead.com

One Response to “Best material for baby swaddle blanket – muslin?”

  1. Judith says:

    Hi Caring Dad,

    Any good quilting cotton would make nice swaddling blankets for new babies. The upside to using quilting cotton is that there are many different prints to choose from.

    You could also use old percale sheets as they have been washed many times so the “lint” factor is less.

    Just about any shirting fabric would be good too especially the ones that have a woven plaid so there isn’t a right or wrong side to the fabric.

    Hope this helps!