Best Place To Get Fabric

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Hello! My name is Marty. I would like to ask your opinion on the best place to get fabric. We want samples sent to us by mail, we can make our choice of which ones to buy, then we will order them. We are just starting a small business and would like to buy fabric at cheap rates and be able to sell to other people also. This business will be a part of the house and many friends want to buy from us but don’t have the time to shop on the internet themselves for bargain rates. It is just a small business but we are excited about it… I have searched for hours trying to find a reliable retailer that can send a HUGE variety of fabrics instead of just a few. This business is very likely going to prosper and grow because many people are very interested. Thank you for your time . Yours truly, Marty and Heidi

Dear Marty: Sounds like you want to start a business, but don’t want to invest in any inventory. There are companies that will for a charge, send you a variety of samples. You have to understand, as will your customers that some of the fabric may not be available, even though you did receive the samples. The least expensive goods, are always offered “subject to prior sale”. There are some companies that have a continuous supply of certain types of fabrics, like printed cottons. As long as the supply is continuous, the prices will not be “cheap”. In those cases, you may be able to buy some sample cards, and try to sell off the sample cards. Since you are buying in small quantities, you will be paying high prices. Register to buy fabric here at Fabrics.Net. Good Luck, Andy

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