Best Way To Remove Embroidery On Clothing

Andy, I have some fire retardant clothing called Nomex made by Workrite Uniform Company that has my name embroidered on the front. What is the best way to remove this without ripping the material?

Dear David. Nomex is a special material. Call the manufacturer and see what they say. I’d be hesitant to do anything that may change the fabric or it FR characteristics. Good Luck, Andy

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your in luck. There is a litle tool that is used for a totaly different purpose that works great for this. It’s a whal mustache shaver. Runs on AA batteries. Turn the tool on it’s head and run the blades over the embriodery. The shaving will eat the threads, then turn your fabric over and use a really strong tape like gaphers tape and stick it to the back of the embriodery and pull. Will pull out most of the threads. Little more thread pulling and it should be all gone. As long as the material is sturdy and on a flat surface, this technique works every time. I’d like to take credit for this little trick but I read it in a Clotilde supply magazine years ago. Have since used the little thing to death and had to replace. Keep a couple on hand for just such occassions. One of my favorite tools. :-)