Hi Andy,
I think you are the only person that can help me with my problem (you have been such a big help in the past)! I am in search of binding and am totally clueless on where to start searching. I am making a make-up bag and I wanted to put the seams on the outside which creates the issue of binding … initially I thought that I could use grosgrain ribbon but I’m afraid that is not strong enough. I’m starting a small company and really want to present a professional product. Any advise?
Many, many, many thanks!

Dear Beth: With the demise of the textile and apparel industries in this country, due to our governments’ free trade policies, the companies that support them have also closed their doors. One of the best remaining in “binding” is still waiting to do business with you. Send email to roger@newyorkbindingco.com. They will be able to help you. Good Luck, Andy

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