Black Spot Stains

I have a question for you,
We do dye pantyhose/Tights/Seamless garments which all knitted and the contents are Nylon /Lycra ………
We do have problem when we dyeing ,we get BLACK SPOTS on light colors.
Its very random and not in every dyelots and not in every garments . And the spots are very tiny and sharp we do filter the water and dyes and chemicals also and steam is a indirect steam going through a heat exchanger.
Do u have any answer or possible causes what u think ??

Dear Newman,
I don’t know if I can help you much, since I am not very familiar with large-scale synthetic dyeing. To hazard a guess – I would say your problem is occasional particulates in the dye that are getting past the straining process, and suggest a finer filter, or else take it up with your dye supplier. You could also investigate the filtering system in general, and talk to the fabric supplier. You are going to have to be a sleuth on this one, since the problem is sporadic and could come at several places in the process. If I were you, I would start by talking with the dye supplier. Some dye lots contain more “clumps” than others and they may know about it already.
hope this helps,

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