Bleach It First

I saw your earlier response to someone that you might possibly be able to dye a beige item white with bleach. I’m going to try it with something of mine, do you have any suggestions on how much bleach to use? Should I use detergent too in the wash or just bleach?

Dear Connie,
Keep in mind that you will be experimenting. Don’t be too attached to the outcome or the item.
*The item must be a natural fiber.
*Start with 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach and detergent.
*You could also try Dharma Color Remover, www.dharmatrading.com. (While you are ordering this from Dharma, you will also need soda ash and Synthrapol.) This sometimes works with commercially dyed items, sometimes not.
*The thread will not change in color.
good luck!

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