bleach stain/ coduroy pants

I have a cotton ( I think) black dress that has bleach stain on the back of it not very big but big enough that I can wear the dress w/o wearing a jacket or sweater with it, I was thinking using black dye to dye the dress as it is faded and hopefully cover the bleach stain, will the dye take to the bleach stain? I also have a pair of cream corduroy pant that have been stained from being washed w/ blue jeans I was thinking of dying those brown or back to cream, but not sure if you can dye corduroy or not, also is there a specific type of dye I should use for the dress or the pants?



By: Nikki

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  1. Jennifer Thompson Miller says:

    Hi Nikki,
    Unfortunately, you cannot dye over a bleach stain. Somehow the bleach alters the fabric so that it won’t accept dye.
    Now for the corduroy. I suggest that you look for the Rit products that remove color bleeding. I think you can find these at Walmart.
    Also, as to the dyeing potential: it depends on the fiber content (cotton, poly, etc), rather than the kind of fabric (corduroy, twill, etc.). Most corduroy is cotton or cotton/poly, which can be dyed if the poly content is less than 40% or so.
    Try the products available in a supermarket or Walmart – don’t stray too far from the original color for best results.