Bleach Stain On Rayon

I have a lovely rayon dress that I spilled bleach on. The area is about the size of two half dollars but is right in the front. Do I have to bleach out the entire dress before I dye it a different color? Presently it is a light grey, so I know I can go darker. What is the best way to discharge? Can I put it in the washing machine with a weak bleach and try bleaching out the entire dress or will that significantly weaken the fiber?? Is there a better way?
I love your web site.

Dear AB,
I suggest that you consult with Sherry Smilo at www.fabricdyeing.com. If anyone can fix your dress, it is her. In general, I don’t think you can restore the dress yourself. Bleach changes the fiber so that it won’t take any kind of dye that you can use at home. Discharging the current color is possible, but it’s very hard to get even.

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