Bleach Stain

I have a problem I am looking for a solution for. I was at a Renaissance Festival last week, wearing a dress I made for such occasions. I sat on the edge of the fountain while eating my lunch without realizing they had put bleach in the water. My cotton velveteen dress now has bleach streaks on it. I would like to see if it is fixable, perhaps through dying (spot dying or the whole thing). I’ve tried dying a swatch of the leftover scrap (I always keep leftover scrap) and the results aren’t too good. The bleached spot is still lighter than the rest and the velveteen doesn’t look or feel as smooth where I dyed it. I’m afraid to dye the whole thing until I know it won’t be ruined. Of course, in its present condition, it is already ruined. ;-( Any advice? – Gabrielle

Dear Gabrielle,
I am sorry, I think you have a mess there. It is possible to fix a bleach spot but very expensive and elaborate. You would have to send the dress to Canada where they do such things. I don’t have any idea how much it would cost. If you want to consult with the service there, contact them at www.dyeproservices.com and see if it is a possibility.

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