Bleach Stains Cant Be Dyed Over

This morning, in an attempt to spray water on some wrinkled pants, I realized the bottle had a mixture of beach and water instead of just water. I immediately ran to the sink to wash away the beach. Some of the dye came out…I rinsed them and hung them to dry. When they were almost dry, sure enough, I could see a slightly beached area where I had sprayed. I am not sure what type of fabric is involved here. I think the fabric is polyester or gabardine (which I think might be polyester also) Is it possible to dye this fabric? They are navy blue and the area is not completely beached. Also, is it o.k. to use domestic dyes as found in craft stores? Thanks for any help on this.

Hi Cindy,
I don’t think there is much you can do. It’s not possible to dye over bleached spots and polyester cannot be dyed in any event.

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