Bleach Stains on Denim

Hi Jennifer,
I recently splattered a few drops of bleach on one of my favorite pair of black Levi’s (515 boot cut). Since it is so difficult for me to find jeans that I love, I want to try to just re-dye the bleached areas. They are not large, but rather small little splotches up the left leg, so I don’t think it would be terribly obvious if I re-dyed the splotches individually; however, I was wondering if you could possibly give me some hints as to what kind of dye to use. The fabric is 76% cotton/24% polyester and a very deep black. Any advice?

Hi Laura,
I am sorry, you can’t do this yourself, and I’m not sure if it’s worth having someone do it for you. Contact Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com and see what she says.
Bleach changes the fibers so that they don’t take the dye in the same way – on top of that, the polyester content won’t take any water-based dye. It’s my understanding that in order to fix things like this, the garment has to be totally discharged (all the current black dye removed) and then re-dyed. But talk to Sherry and see what she says.
Other than that you could consider applying a trim or making the jeans into a creative project!
Happy Holidays,

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