Bleach Stains On Your Pants

Hello Jennifer – this might seem like a trivial question but I was hoping you might have some advice. I have a bleach spot on a pair of favorite pants and I was wondering if there is any way to dye it back to something at least resembling the original color. The pants are a blue and white weave, mainly blue to look at, and the bleach spot is pink.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Dear Rachelle,
This is a tough problem to deal with. Ordinarily I would say there is no hope, but Sherry Smilo at www.fabricdyeing.com has told me that she is willing to take this kind of thing on. She will probably recommend that you dye the pants black or a very dark color. Contact her for more information. This is your only resource – unfortunately dyes which are easily available won’t work. good luck,

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