Blonde Hair Color

I get my hair frosted and am a honey shade of blonde. I found a cute little pony tail at Harmons Drug Store and when I want to tie my hair back and look neat with a pony tail I just clip this on and it looks great. The only problem is that it is a few shades lighter than my hair and looks a bit fake. I asked my hairdresser to dye it but she said it won’t work. She said I must get human hair and have this done. But I don’t want to go to that trouble. If I can just dye the hair which is a couple shades lighter than my own, I’d like to try that first. My hair is blonde/golden and after a while gets a shade of orange in it when I need to have it frosted again. The pony tail is light blonde. How do I match these two colors? Thank you. Regards, Gillian

Hi Gilian,
this is a good idea, but sorry, it can’t be easily done. Those synthetic ponytails won’t take dye. I am a honey blonde too (almost natural) and have found it’s challenging to match with those pre-prepared hairpieces. Keep looking! Maybe a real wig store will have something that will work.

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