Blue stamping removal

I have a stamped quilt for embroidery by Tobin Sporn & Glaser Inc called Medallion No 1592 that I just completed the quilting and soaked in cold water for two hours, then washed in Tide to remove the blue stamping pattern. The blue dot stamp pattern did not come out of the white 50% Dacron polyester 50% Cotton material. I soaked a corner for 4 hours but blue dots remain. No blue dots vanished at all. Any suggestions on how to remove the blue stamping? Or what material Tobin might have used to stamp the blue dots (ink, wax, etc)? Thank you, Rena

By: Rena

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Hi Rena,
    I’m guessing you followed the instructions for that particular project. If the blue dye did not come out the way it was supposed to it means the manufacturer did not use the correct dye. It would be incredibly helpful if you had a bit of that fabric for testing on and then try a paste of oxy clean. Shout spray, or even mild bleach. Just don’t do it on your quilt till you know what will take the blue out. I have a feeling though that it won’t. I think the only way to maybe salvage this project is to requilt it with thicker thread to cover the blue up. Im so sorry. Let the fabric store know about this issue they may refund your investment in the project. The least they can do is remove the material form their store and contact the buyer of the material.

  2. Judith says:

    Hi Rena,

    I just emailed our expert in quilt kits, Judi Fibush, and she said:
    “T S & G went out of business in 1975. Progress was a division of them. Unfortunatley kits stamped on polyester and cotton rarely lost the stamping marks. Stamping is too old and too set to be able to remove them even on just plain cotton too. I have kits from the 30s and even earlier that the markings just don’t get totally removed. Subsequent washings and hanging out in the sun removed most of these markings years ago but not now. Tell your visitor she will just have to live with it but it does denote the age and history of the piece.

    I have received such a kit that was soaked in a beach bath and most of the markings disappeared but then so did the pattern to place the applique and embroidery marks and any quilting lines.”

    I am not sure if OxyClean would remove just the blue stamp, it may also remove some of the color on the embroidery.