Bobbin Thread Bunching, Looping and Tangling

Sewing Machine Repair: Bunching, Looping and Tangling Bobbin Thread

One of the sewing machine troubles that you can deal with at home is when you just want to sew and  the machine produces looping, tangling and and a bird’s nest on the bobbin side of the fabric. Most people would put the blame to the bobbin but it’s not often the culprit! The looping bobbin thread is usually caused by the upper threading of the sewing machine.

sewing machine repairHere are some of the tips to help you out with Bobbin Thread Bunching, Looping and Tangling.

  1. Always thread the sewing machine with the presser foot up. When the presser foot is down, the tension is engaged and it will not allow the thread to seat properly.
  2. Re-thread the sewing machine making sure the thread is passing through every thread guide on its way to the sewing machine needle.
  3. Change the sewing machine needle if you still have a looping bobbin thread. Be sure you are using the proper sewing machine needle for the fabric you are sewing and the job at hand.

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