Brighten Up Dull Colors

Hello! I have a question about dyeing. I bought a vintage crochet cotton coverlet that was made in an ecru color, but when I bought it the color didn’t appear that color, I thought it was a cream or ivory. The ecru is very dull and I’d like to brighten it up. Do you have any suggestions? I’m not talking about bleaching it white or something destructive to the thread (it’s not a thread, really, or yarn or rope, but I don’t know the word). But I’d like to brighten it up, maybe with a yellow, cream, or rosy tint. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much.

Hi Roxanne,
I have found that age often brings a darker ecru which can be lightened considerably with OxiClean®. If you have a pretreated cycle on your washer, you can soak the thing in OxiClean® and mild detergent for a couple of hours, then wash with more of same on delicate. Alternatively, do it by hand. Try that and see if you like the color better. Write back if you want to proceed after that step.

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