Building an Apparel Business

Hi Andy! Well I am from Northern California, north of Sacramento. I have read some of your columns and found a few people asking the same questions as I am. I have started a business with a name I have come up with to print on apparel items. The name is going over well in my town, and I would like to venture out bigger than I am. I wanted to know how to do this? Can you sell you name to a company? What options do I have for starting a great name and company for myself and my partner? I buy my tees from a wholesale distributor but it has their label on it and I cannot sell that to stores. How have the celebrities started their own labels(like Krista Allen’s new shirt and hats) who is representing them? I would like to talk to people about this, but who? I have spent endless hours online, but have come up with few options. Please help

Dear Jamie: There are no simple answers to your questions. Don’t be fooled by Krista Allen’s new shirt and hat line. I’m sure some company that was already making these items, contacted her to lend her name to this new line. She merely gets a royalty on those sales. She probably didn’t start a company. If you want to grow your company, try to make your own T-shirts. Visit www.seams.org to find some commercial contract sewing companies. Visit google.com and search for cotton knit fabrics for your shirts. Plan on exhibiting at wholesale apparel trade shows, to sell your shirts. All it takes to get to the next level is hard work. It sounds like you are already on the path to success. Good Luck, Andy

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