Buying Bulk

Andy, I have a question, if I wanted to buy a bulk of greige good say 100,000 yards per month what would I figure on paying per yard? For One Pass & For 3 Pass Black Out And also these 2 with Fire Retardant. Your help or any answer would be greatly appreciated,. Best regards, Jason

Dear Jason: We visited your web site. I am unfamiliar with the fabrics you mentioned. I’d suggest you visit www.ifai.com and try to contact one of their members for the greige goods you need. You will also need to find a fabric finisher to finish the greige goods and add the FR protection you need. Speak with your current supplier and see if a deal can be worked out. If your current supplier is not a mill, perhaps they may want to take a commission on a sale of over 1 million yards, than chance the prospect of losing all of your business. Good Luck, Andy

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