Buying Fabric By The Bolt

Hi – Where can I buy bolts of fabric? I am starting a dog clothes business and wondering where the best place is to buy fabric by the bolt. We seem to only have Joanne Fabrics locally – I have been looking on the web, but it is so much easier to pick fabric in person. I am in south Florida.

Kirsty: The best place to buy fabrics by the bolt is at the Fabrics.net Store!

You can also buy fabric by the bolt at a textile fabric trade show. There may be one right in your neighborhood, visit www.material-world.com. The show is usually at the Miami Convention Center.
There are other shows to attend, but if you are just starting and currently buying retail then the above show, is perfect for you.

Explore the world of wholesale fabrics. There are thousands of sites on the web that sells printed fabrics, wholesale. If in doubt about a style, ask that they mail you a small sample. Once they see that you are a real customer, companies will be thrilled to add you to their customer list.
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