Buying Fabric

Dear Andy: I am looking for a source for Vanity Fair Nylon Tricot fabrics. I have a home business and sew lingerie which I sell on eBay. I would like to buy wholesale in lots of 10 to 20 yards of various colors in 40 denier non sheer and 20 denier sheer fabric. I live in Wyoming and do my purchasing through the mail. I have found one small source but the colors are very limited. Being a home business I cannot buy in large quantities and going through a manufacturer is not possible. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. thanks, Sheila

Dear Sheila: 40 denier tricot as well as 15 denier tricot have never been available in “retail” fabric stores. There has never been a great deal of demand for these types of fabrics for the home sewing market. There are a few web sites that offer 15 denier, and these companies buy the fabric in large rolls, when it is available. Try www.laceheaven.com We, besides spending part of my time working on the Ask Andy column, sell those fabrics on a wholesale basis. Our rolls sizes are 200 yards, and based upon the current market, do not stock colors. Part of your job will be to find the tricot, or to grow your business to where you can afford to buy larger quantities of fabric to support your own needs. I wish I knew of some companies that would have what you need. Good Luck, Andy

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