Buying Plain T-Shirts At Wholesale Pricing

Some time ago I bought some T-shirts at Blaine’s Farm and Fleet Wholesale in Madison, Wisconsin. They are the best T-shirts for the price that I have ever seen and I want to get some more. The name on the neck label is Old Mill with a drawing of an old mill and they were made in Russia. Blaine’s no longer has them and has not been helpful in locating a source for these shirts.
I searched the net but found only T-shirts with logos and designs. Apparently a race team has monopolized the net, or maybe the Russians pirated the name.
Can you please help me.

Dear Jonldom: With the price of T-shirts at $3.00 or less, it hardly pays to spend too much time looking for a special brand. The web is full of shirts and so we wish you Happy Shopping and Good Luck, Andy

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