Can I Bleach Out The Gold Color?

I live in a cold climate and had drapery custom made for all my windows 25 years ago. I have had the drapes relined and they are still in beautiful shape but the gold color is very outdated. I believe the texture in the fabric was called slub and they may be an acetate rayon blend. I would love to have them bleached or dyed but can’t find anyone that seems to do such a thing. Can you give me any guidance?
Thank you,

Dear Sandee,
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, you cannot dye or bleach your window treatments. There are a number of reasons why, including their fiber content and age. My advice would be to get an interior designer to look at them to see if they can be updated simply. If not, you are due for a new look and new colors anyway. You can make this your winter project.

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