Can I Cover Glitter Patterns?

I bought an evening gown that is black nylon material. The gown has long see-through sleeves and is a turtle neck. It fits great and I love the dress….there is only one challenge! They glued silver glitter all over it in a lined, squiggly pattern that overtakes the simplicity of the dress! How can I either cover the silver glitter and make it black so it is less noticeable, or how can I remove it all together? The cleaning instructions read: “Dry Clean Only”, so sending it to the cleaners, won’t assist in removing the glitter. I would love to wear the dress, but I just hate what they did to it. Do you have any suggestions other than getting rid of it?

Dear Carole,
You have a challenge here. There is no guaranteed way to remove the glitter. If you want to try something – you could start in an inconspicuous place with goo-gone and see what it does to the glitter adhesive. If this works, and you end up treating the entire dress, you will need to soak the dress in Dawn dishwashing liquid, then wash it in Ivory Snow liquid. This will be a BIG project. My suggestion is to get a black chiffon shawl or wrap that tones down the glittery effect.
Good luck!

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