Can I Darken My Old Wedding Dress?

Dear Jennifer,
I have a wedding dress that is light gold. I would like to make it gradually darker toward the bottom. How do I do this?

Dear Shelley,
This is a tough question to answer. It all depends on the fiber content of your dress. Wedding dresses are often polyester or acetate which do not take dye easily. On top of that, many newer dresses are marked “do not wash and do not dry clean.” This means they cannot be submerged in any liquid. In addition, there is the trim factor: what kind of lace, beading, or other trim is involved?
If you are willing to experiment, and the fabric is silk or another natural fiber, then you could try spraying dilute reactive dye with a spray bottle. I really would not try this without a similar fabric on which to experiment with the process.
If you would like to confer further, please let me know the details of the dress and I’ll see what I can do!!

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