Can I Dye Blue Corduroy Red?

I recently bought a pair of (brand new) corduroys. I’m always looking for ways to change the clothes I buy and I’d like to dye these. They are currently a light, baby blue. I’d like to go to a deep, dark, red. Is it possible? I’m in NYC, so I figure if there’s anywhere in the world where a quality fabric dyer exists, it would be here. Or can I just bring the pants in to a cleaner or tailor? Totally clueless. Thanks.

Dear Trinity,
There is indeed a place relatively near you that will dye a single garment. Or you can get some reactive dye, salt, and soda ash and do it yourself. Everything (except salt) is available from www.dharmatrading.com. I suggest fire red reactive dye. You will need to use a lot.
Have fun and keep creating!

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