Can I Dye My Poncho?

Hi Jennifer,
I have a bright green poncho (wool) that I would like to dye jet black. Do you know anyone that can provide this service for an individual piece? I am hesitant to do it myself since I want the color to be uniform and I don’t want to risk shrinking it. Please let me know. Thanks.

Dear Kikelomo,
I don’t have much experience with this kind of dyeing. Wool, being a natural fiber, can be dyed with reactive dyes, but it must be processed in very hot water, which will shrink and felt the fibers.
A quick search of the internet turned up a listing for True Color Fabric Dyeing in Soquel, California. It looks like they do all kinds of fibers and all kinds of jobs, but the listing is several years old, so you will have to check it out for more information. Here is the link that I found: http://www.ecoquality.com/sqa/reciptruecolor.htmI like the poncho and even its current lime green color! Good luck with your project.

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  1. Sherry Smilo says:

    Hi Jennifer, I moved to Asland Oregon 3 years ago. I love it here! True Color Fabric Dyeing is still a strong, nationwide dyeing service. http://www.fabricdyeing.com. 541.488.5911 is the new # but I kept the old Santa Cruz # also 831.336.2488. Jennifer, I hope you are well and happy. And Thank You very much for the referrals.
    Keep in Touch,
    Sherry Smilo